What is a Flight Simulator?

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A flight simulator is an interactive virtual reality system that simulates the conditions of flying a real-life aircraft allowing users to experience what it actually feels like to be a pilot. Flight simulators are identical replicas of airline cockpits (it’s an actual pilot cabin!). Their primary function is to provide student pilots with the means to accomplish, test, and maintain expertise in handling aircraft functions with no risk to lives or property, and at a substantially cheaper cost than training in the skies.

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator


A typical flight simulator is often reconstructed from a retired passenger aircraft (e.g., Boeing 737) maintaining all controls, original seats, and rails. Additionally, they are equipped with multiple visual displays which simulate real-life landscapes, destinations, airports, and amazing panoramic views. Most flight simulators are fixed based with rumble motors that emulate physical motion to complement the visual display. Other models are mounted on a motion cueing system designed for accurate symmetry and interoceptive feedback through vibration; the experience is incredibly realistic.

All-inclusive functionality and effective training are the focal points in support of using flight simulators as training devices. Beginner pilots experience flight operations, conditions and can learn from mistakes with no risks.


Do you have to be a pilot to command a flight simulator?

No. Flight simulators provide unforgettable flight experience for children as young as 4, all the way up to highly experienced commercial pilots. You can take command as captain, escape into the virtual skies, and experience the actual feeling of take-off and landing, as you are assisted by fully qualified commercial pilots and operators.


Choose from 24,000 destinations

To guarantee utmost amusement you can choose from up to 24,000 destinations and airports. You can even select your weather conditions and time of day.

We hope you have learned more about flight simulators, what they do, and how much fun they can be.

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