Do you need experience to fly the simulator?

Absolutely not, these packages can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have.

Does the simulator move?

Our simulator is a fixed base device. However the immersion experience combined with the fidelity of visuals, sound and vibration give you an amazing sensory experience.

Will it affect clients with Epilepsy?

No, the simulator is suitable for people with epilepsy.

Can it help with fear of flying?

Yes, as it can help you have a better understanding of how the plane works and how safe the industry is.

Is the simulator fully enclosed?

Yes it is. If you or the person you’re buying this voucher for has an issue with being in a confined space, please call your local store and visit the simulator prior to purchasing a voucher.

What's the minimum age to fly the simulator?

We start our junior circuits from 4yrs accompanied by an adult.

How long to i have to use my voucher?

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your voucher.

Can i bring a friend along?

Yes, you can. There is seating for two extra people to join you during your flight. There is no extra charge for this.

Is this done in group or is it one on one?

Each flight is conducted one on one between you and your instructor.

How technical is the briefing will i understand it all?

Yes you will. Our instructors will tailor the briefing and flight to suit your level of skill. We can cater for the completely inexperienced right through to professional pilots.

What languages can the experience be done in?

We can do the experience in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Moroccan & Dutch. Please contact us in advance to specify, as we have various instructors for this.

What happens if i need to change my booking?

You can change your booking up to 48hrs prior to the original booking made, but we can not guarantee all times or dates.